Intro – Lets Goto the North Pole!


(photo courtesy of Glenn Wallace)

So what is this all about?

The adventures of Stevan and Kristin continue (flying in zero gravity last year wasn’t quite enough), and in less than 2 weeks we depart on a 5,000 mile adventure to the Arctic Circle and back. We are competing in the Alcan 5000 Winter Rally which departs from Seattle, takes us up through British Columbia, into the Yukon, past the Arctic Circle and eventually to Tuktoyuktuk in the Northwest Territories, which is the furthest drivable point in North America. We will finish approximately 2 weeks later in Jasper, AB, which co-incidentally is Kristin’s favorite place on the planet (so far).

Since most people have never heard of Tuktoyuktuk or have any idea where that is, so you can click on this link for a map:

Tuktoyuktuk, NWT, Canada


We made the decision to compete in this event almost a year a go, and it has been a serious financial and personal time commitment for both the preparation, and the event itself. Just the other day Kristin was talking about how 3 of the things she dislikes the most are doing math (as she pretty much does that all day), getting car-sick and being cold. This is sort of ironic as Kristin will be primarily acting in the role of navigator, which means she will pretty much be doing math, in temperatures up to -50 C, in the car, for 2 weeks solid. Why are we doing this you might ask? Here’s are our top 3 reasons:

  • We want bragging rights to say we’ve driven north of the Arctic Circle.
  • We both want to see Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). Multiple Times.
  • We want to drive on the ice roads as seen on the History Channel TV Show – Ice Road Truckers.
  • We are running out of crazy adventure ideas (honestly, when we both heard about this event, we had pretty much decided to go)

Our plan with this blog is to provide our friends and family with some insight to this time of our lives during the last few weeks of preparation and during the event itself. We’re not exactly sure what the internet access will be like north of say, Prince George, BC, but as we are technophiles we will both have Internet smart-phones and 2 laptops with wifi. Worst case scenario is that we will call MikeP (tugger) from the sat-phones and give him updates to transcribe onto this blog.

We are expecting temperatures of upto -50 C, so your thoughts, comments, and encouragement is very much appreciated throughout the duration of the event.

– Stevan and Kristin

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9 Comments on “Intro – Lets Goto the North Pole!”

  1. MikeP Says:

    Good luck Stevan and Kristin. Watch out for moose!

  2. Gerry/Barb Says:

    Stevan/Kristin – looking forward to the Alcan Rally from the warmth of our armchairs here in Taber, ALberta Canada. We wish you both a safe/exciting and memorable Rally. It will surely be something to look back on in future years. Travel safe and quickly, getting to the hotels early and snagging the plug-ins.

  3. Kelly Brown Says:

    Good luck and stay warm! I will follow your progress and pray for you both (and your car :-)) -Kelly

  4. Neva Says:

    Ok you guys, let me tell you, the Aurora Borealis are unbelievable to watch, it is very mystical, not to mention really, really cold. Ha Ha. Now, if you want to have some more adventures you need to come with me next time to South Africa….It is not cold and there are no lights, (literally since they shut down all the electricity at least once during the night to steal it for Zimbabwe) but the wildlife and natives are just about as mystical …Well at least the wildlife can be, the locals are just humorous to watch.

    Anyway, I wish you guys all the best of luck and you better drive safe and take care of yourselves, I know two little ones who would be VERY upset if you did not come home…

    Neva & Family

  5. Tim Cadman Says:


    I’m so impressed with your sense of adventure. I wish I had the guts to do do half of the stuff that you dream up. Best of luck… and enjoy the ride !!!!

    Tim Cadman

  6. David O'Kain Says:

    Best of luck Stevan and Kirstin! What an awesome adventure, but don’t drive on wet thin ice! I am always amazed at your adventures and the fun things ya’ll do together! I’m sure we’ll see you back in the corporate world sometime in the future….


  7. Chet Golding Says:

    Hey Kids,

    I always think of you two as other kids on the playground of life. Normal and fun as kids can be. Somehow this seems just like kicking a ball or enjoying a soda. ‘Of course they are going to do this,’ I think. ‘Yeah.’

    At the same time I want you two to be safe as your keen minds can keep you. Life has a lot of epic in it. Be happy and share some of those killer smiles with us.


  8. Tina Says:

    You two are going to have a great time. Take lots of pictures for me. Maybe Kristin will get hooked and want to steal my seat in the rally car! : )

    Keep in touch on the trip.

  9. Mom Says:

    Kristin – know u will do a fabulous job as co-driver. Enjoy the scenery, and hope the “COLD” doesn’t get u down. Hang on and have the time of your life. Take lots of coffee along…..
    Love Barb

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