Rally Lights and the Art of Avoiding Moose

dsc00154-large.jpgA good lighting setup is essential for an event like this, since we’re traveling to arctic Canada, in the Winter, so it will probably be dark more than it will be light (Canadark).

In addition to the stock lighting setup in the Subaru WRX, I wanted to add some auxiliary lighting. I was going to use the Hella lights from the Rally car, but Dave from DoubleJMotorwerks was nice enough to lend me his big-assed Hella lights (thanks again Dave!), and also helped me make-up a quick light bar. I call these lights “See’um Moose in the Ditch Lights”, because they are actually fog lights so they have an incredibly wide throw, but are bright enough to easily be used as aux driving lights. Joey and I initially had some issues wiring up the lights, as Japanese cars use a “negative switched ground” setup for the headlights. We originally looked at the specific instructions for negative ground, but quickly dismissed them and wire them the way we usually do. The lights actually worked as designed (only on when High Beams are on), but they would also randomly turn on when I started the car, or put on the e-brake. This proved bad as they run -hot-, so if they are on and I don’t notice and leave the protective covers on, they begin to melt. Anyways, thanks to this diagram from Susquehana Motorsports, it’s wired properly now.

Besides the extra lights on the custom light bar, the fog lights have been improved with new Hella H3 YELLOW bulbs, and YELLOW protective film. Yellow should prove a much better setup for driving in blizzard conditions due to the difference in color and longer wavelength. All the lights on the car have protective 3M covering, so if they get hit by a rock, or a snowbank, they will hopefully survive.

Kristin and I went for a test drive to check out and align the lights. Not quite HID, but damn – that’s a lot of light! The point of all of this is that we want to be able to see those moose before hitting them. Kristin found a picture of an Alaskan Moose to give you an idea of what we might run into.

– Stevan

dsc00159-large.jpg Alaskan Moose

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One Comment on “Rally Lights and the Art of Avoiding Moose”

  1. Bill Says:

    Damn Stevan! Those are some monster lights!


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