Extreme Winter Car Preparation Notes

The car is getting sorted this week, with a lot of help from sponsors DJM and Barrett from AllWheelsDriven.  We had the car at the shop earlier this week to install some of the winter-specific equipment, change all fluids, and wire up the lights.

Barrett sent over a nice car-package of Redline fluids, so we won’t have to  worry about an oil change for over 5,000miles.  We’re using Redline 5W-30 in the engine, Redline MTL90 in the transmission, and Redline 75W-90 in the rear diff.  All were changed and good to go.  The coolant system got a flush as we had to drain it to install the block heater, and also installed a silicon oil pan heater, and battery blanket.  That’s 3 systems which will be heated during the evenings in the arctic (coolant, oil and battery), which assumes we can find a place to plug in each night.

Another significant amount of time has been spent on the electrical system.  The redtop Optima battery was poached from rally car #464,  I got an upgraded higher output alternator from a Japanese version of my car (will take the stock as a spare), extra cables run for computers, HAM radios, and of course the 1500watt inverter under Kristin’s seat which should not only keep her warm from it’s heat output, but enough juice to power a coffee maker while we are driving!  That badboy required 4-guage cable direct from the battery, which is about the same diameter as my pinky finger.  MikeP had a good suggestion which was to use #4 welding cable instead, which was cheaper and extremely flexible.  Attached is a pic showing the current work-in-progress of the electrical system.

– Stevan


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One Comment on “Extreme Winter Car Preparation Notes”

  1. gerald dyck Says:

    hi and good traveling, got your addy from your mom and dad am a friend of theirs.a few comments even though i am sure you are well prepared for your trip,put gasline anitfreeze in every fillup you won’t regret doing this,if your battery is easy to remove take it out every night and bring it into your room with you as a cold battery (even with the blanket) has very little power in it. on question do you have a rad cover on that snaps on.
    good luck on your trip all the best to you both

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