Map/Route via Google Earth Flyover

The folks over at TeamD created a very cool flyover of the Alcan 5000 route in Google Earth. I was playing around with this myself and found their excellent video which does pretty much what I wanted, so here it is. It should give you a good idea of the route we’re taking:

If any of you have Google Earth and want check out the route yourself, let me know and I’ll post the .kml file.

– Stevan

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2 Comments on “Map/Route via Google Earth Flyover”

  1. Barb/Gerry(Mom/Dad) Says:

    Heh – that earth google sight is super, but I should not have looked, it seems like an extremely long way to me. Wishing every competitor a safe Rally, weather looks great and hope it continues for the remainder of the race. Kristin, I saw a pic of the “club house” at “TUK” golf course, it is really something. You will be impressed as will u both of other sights along the way. Rally on – good luck.

  2. helen brandon Says:

    Hi Stevan and Kristin:
    WOW! What an amazing trip you have before you!! I drove from Nanaimo to Smithers in one day, on my first trip to visit Bob and Louise at the Babine, but in July! Lots of folks will be following your every mile , hoping and praying that all will go well. Much good luck to you both as you head out tomorrow; I will be following your blog reports. Take care, keep safe, sincerely, Helen

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