Alcan – Day 1

Well we had quite the first day on our Alcan 2008 experience!

We traveled almost 500 miles from Seattle to Quesnel, crossed the border into Canada, helped out an RCMP officer (good karma), completed 2 TSD rallies, and then stuffed the car into a snowbank.

We got under way early this morning and had an official departure from Kirkland with all 24 cars in the rally. It was very cool to see all the cars in the event ready for some extreme winter action. After about a 60mile transit up past Mount Vernon, we did the first TSD section of the rally near Sumas. TSD = Time Speed Distance, and is a competitive portion of the event based on accuracy of being at a certain point at a certain time; points are given for every second you are off perfect time, and the checkpoints are hidden so you essentially are always trying to maintain perfect time.  We were probably too aggressive in our math last night, trying to calculate down to every 10th of a mile, and just had too much information.  That caused us to make one wrong turn, so we probably didn’t have a competitive time for that TSD.

After the 1st TSD we crossed the border into Canada at Sumas, which was pretty uneventful (other cars however were not as lucky and were significantly delayed by Customs).  Stopped in Hope for lunch, and then saw someone off to the side of the road needing some assistance with a broken rim outside Yale.  There was a lot of fallen rocks on Hwy1 up to Cache Creek, and this family had hit a basketball sized one and completely destroyed the rim & tire on their SUV.  As Doug and Bill (our buddy car #18) were carrying a full-sized jack, we stopped to help them out.   Turns out he was an off-duty RCMP officer from Williams Lake of all places, so said we could use his name if we got into any trouble.

We then continued onto Williams Lake for the 2nd and last TSD of the day before ending in Quesnel.  Now I have mixed feelings about ‘The Puddle’, as I grew up there when I was a teenager.  Despite the fact I have MANY good friends from WL, the town itself still left something to be desired.  So of course I was talking shit about WL all day, and about 3/4 of the way through the TSD near Soda Creek I stuffed the car into a snowbank.  We were really focused on getting our time calculations more accurate, and I was paying more attention to the GPS and odometer and not the road, and when I looked up I saw a giant caution sign with a right hand arrow at the end of a downhill acute right turn.  It was pretty minor all in all, didn’t hurt anything on the car, and -almost- was able to get out of it ourselves.  Team Mitsubishi Car #21 stopped, and Kristin already had our emergency triangle and tow-rope ready, so they quickly yanked us out and we were on our way.  Kristin was giggling the entire time, yelling ‘my first stuff into a snowbank!’ so it was good fun, despite the face we blew that TSD as well.

It’s been a long day but we are having a blast and can’t wait to get started tomorrow. Didn’t have time for many pics today, but we got some good HD video. Need to run as we owe the team from Car #21 some beer for towing us out of the snow bank.

Rally on!

– Stevan and Kristin

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5 Comments on “Alcan – Day 1”

  1. MikeP Says:

    Congrats on making it the first day! Perhaps if you had been on your scooter you would have avoided that snowbank 😉

  2. Mom Says:

    Hi – sounds like quite a day – it was good to get all the kinks out on the first day and learn from example. As long as u 2 are having fun, no damage to car and can still laugh – then all is well. Travel safe today – watch for animals heading North.

  3. moiz Says:

    Good to hear your adventures to the north have started with a bang! Watch out for those ‘snow tornados’ I’m sure they have been waiting for you!

  4. The Black's Says:

    Sounds like your having a great time, how bout the great Candian roads and weather. I will keep watching as you make your way to the finish.

  5. Tina Says:

    Ah I see Kristin is enjoying the fun of rallies. Now I need to read day 2

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