Alcan – Day 4

We’re writing this from Dawson, which is a really cool little town pretty far up north.  The hotel clerk said at one point it was the biggest city in North America, with a population of 60,000 during the gold rush; now – 1,800.  We’ll have to leave early in the morning, so won’t be able to see as much of it as we’d like, but it’s a good excuse to come back in the summer when it’s a little bit warmer.

As an added bonus, there is a total lunar eclipse about to happen, and we’re so far up north we’ll be looking south for it in a couple of hours.

After the ice racing we washed the car (which stayed clean for all of 10 minutes), refueled and started heading north to Dawson.  Here’s a picture of Kristin getting ready to kick some ass in the ice race:


Our buddy team #18 Doug and Bill appeared to have a sense of humor by placing this decal (not dee-cal, de-cal 😉 on the back of their truck:


The drive wasn’t quite as scenic as yesterday, but there was a very interesting stretch where there was a massive forest fire in 1958.  We passed the turn-off to the Dempster highway which takes us north beyond the Arctic circle to Inuvik and eventually Tuk.  Here’s a photo from the car on the way to Dawson:


I can tell we’re pretty far north because fuel here in Dawson is $1.51/Litre (that’s $5.70/gal!!).  We’re more than happy to pay that in fear of the alternative, but we’re a little bit worried to see what it will cost up in Eagle Plains and Tuk.

We’re staying in the Yukon in, which is actually the old Gun and Ammo building here in Dawson (MikeP should enjoy that).  Hopefully we’ll have time for a couple more pics of the town before we leave tomorrow. Luckily it’s only about -20C instead of the -60C it was last week.

Tomorrow the adventure really begins on the Dempster and the approach to crossing the Arctic Circle and eventually the Arctic Ocean in Tuktoyuktuk the following day!

– Stevan and Kristin

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3 Comments on “Alcan – Day 4”

  1. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Congrats kids, enjoy your stay in Dawson City, once it was the largest Gold Mining City in North America. It’s also the birthplace of Pierre Burton, one of Canada’s greatest writers. Many fortunes were won and lost in the City, very few of them from the Gold Fields. Dawson City has a golf course where in the summer you can book a tee time for 3:00 AM!!! Enjoy the rest of your trip to the North Pole and Arctic Circle, hope the weather is clear and cold enough for the Northern Lights, awsome sight. Make sure you pick up a Tuk U Tshirt. Drive safe and enjoy.


  2. Tracey Kowatch (cousin) Says:

    Hi there Team Arychuk. Just wanted to drop a quick note and wish you guys the best of luck. Sounds like fun and very challenging. Its very cool to be able to follow you guys. Will be checking back on a daily basis for sure. I have one question right now, “Is the rally being filmed by The Speed Channel, or any other t.v. crew?”

    Again, good luck Team.

    Keep the rubber side down!


  3. moiz Says:

    i grabbed some photos of the eclipse last night from calgary, i can only imagine how it would look so far up north. what an awesome experience you both are having!

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