Quick Day 4 Update – Ice Racing and We Won Day 3!

Writing this from beautiful Whitehorse, Yukon Territories where it’s easily above +5C.

We just came back from a bout of Ice Racing on the lake, where Kristin had her first taste of competitive driving on polished ice. Each team was allowed 4 runs, but only 2 per driver so Kristin had nothing to loose. It took a bit of convincing but what a better place to learn to drive like this where there are lots of people to tow you out. She did great and we both had a lot of fun.

They also posted the scores from yesterday, and we had the best time in our class (passenger cars with no rally computers)! We even had better times than some folks -with- computers. I doubt we’ll have enough TSD miles to be competitive for the overall event, but our main goal was to have fun, and improve – so I think we’re doing just that.

We’re just checking out of the hotel and heading for Dawson, so will post some pics and another update later tonight.

– Stevan and Kristin

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8 Comments on “Quick Day 4 Update – Ice Racing and We Won Day 3!”

  1. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Hi again – sounds like a fun AM for the both of u – – needed that after yesterday- way to go Kristin – u are becoming a real “Rally Pro” – again have a safe trip today – and continued GOOD LUCK with the TSD’s – hope u got a good nights sleep Stevan – although shorter trips, think the roads will be more challenging – don’t want a “BONDO” car

  2. Tina Says:

    Congrats on the great finish..you have to be proud of that!

  3. David O'Kain Says:

    Way to go Kristin!! Good driving and good to both of you on your win!!!

  4. Barb/Gerry Says:

    CONGRATS on your BIG WIN in tough conditions on DAY 3- you got it figured NOW —keep up the good work and nice to see you moving up the TSD score card.

  5. B- Says:

    Congrats on the class win yesterday, something you both should be very proud of. Also, props on staying steady throughout all of your snowy miles..Nice work Kristin on keeping your drive clean ice racing.

    Glad you didn’t run out of gas, that’s a crummy way to end the day. Been there, done that, at OT last year. Stuck in the NW rain is nothing next to the Yukon’s cold..brrrr.

    The GTI has been doing great in gravel testing, and should be great to go for Doo Wops. We’ll do our best to “represent” shiny side up for you down there.. Thanks again for making that drive possible.

    Your pics and blog entries are incredible, please continue to keep us all posted..:)

    Rally On!

  6. Aunt Bonnie Says:

    Great pictures. Sounds you are having a super trip. Really glad the weather is cooperating – living in Central Alberta we understand the effects of cold weather – just makes everything so much better when the weather is warmer. It’s wonderful to be able to track your route and with the awesome commentary it feels like we are there with you. We look forward to seeing you, all your pictures and hearing the REST of the story when you get here at months end.
    Stay safe and enjoy!!

    Love Uncle Larry and Aunt Bonnie

  7. scott Says:

    omg you guys, that looks like soo much fun, im so jealous, . krysten i bet your so glad you did this, im so happy you get to drive some, thats awesome.

  8. moiz Says:

    grats on the win! lookin forward to some hd video of the both of you sliding around in the ice rally !

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