Mechanical Difficulties – Hopefully Avoided

We had our first bit of mechanical drama last night.  After filling up with gas in Dawson, we were noticing a strong fuel smell in the car.  Upon closer inspection there was definitely fuel leaking from the fuel lines, and pretty severely all over the engine.  This is NOT the part of country to have fuel issues, as today we go Dawson to Inuvik, and there is no gas for ~300miles to Eagle Plains.

I started to freak a bit, as this is actually a new/recent problem with 02-04 Subaru WRX’s, in that when cars are subjected to warm/cold/warm/cold temperatures, the rubber hoses expand and contract, and ultimately can leak fuel.  Once we quickly diagnosed the problem, I started asking around for some assistance.  Luckily we’ve been hanging out with Team #17 –  Sirius Rally Team, which includes Gord who works for Rocket Racing and services for Pat Richard.  He knows these cars pretty well, and quickly exclaimed – “I’ve fixed about 4 of these in the past little while”.  So in near freezing temperatures, in the dark, he removed the power steering pump to get access to the hose clamps to tighten them down which was the obvious source of the leak.  They were definitely too loose, and upon putting everything back together the problem seemed to have gone away.

What pisses me off is that Subaru knows about this problem, has issued a service bulletin event, but won’t do a recall.

I’m cautiously optimistic the problem will be held off until we get back to warmer temperatures and it won’t really be an issue at all.

Off to Inuvik!

– Stevan

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3 Comments on “Mechanical Difficulties – Hopefully Avoided”

  1. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Hope your day went well and are now in Inuvik with no car problems – glad u were on the ball last night. Kristin – I am very confident that your babies are just fine. Look forward to your latest update and views on Inuvik – Dad’s anxious to know if it has changed since his visit

  2. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Good to see the weather Gods are still smiling on u 2 – Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk -6,-9 – at the top of the world tomorrow – admirable….

  3. moiz Says:

    sounds like you are on the road with a great group of folks as well. looking forward to seeing this car after such an ordeal

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