Northern (well – Southern) Lights

We just came back from a midnight viewing of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis).  It was one of the things we -really- wanted to see, and it was awesome.  The cool thing is that because we are so far north, you actually look south so they are more like the Southern Lights.  Unfortunately the only camera we have is our Sony HD video camera which has a CMOS sensor, so doesn’t pick-up low-light very well at all, hence no pictures.  I wish I brought a SLR camera with adjustable exposure.

– Stevan & Kristin

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7 Comments on “Northern (well – Southern) Lights”

  1. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Glad it was worth the drive to get to experience this first hand. Rally on…

  2. Barb/Gerry Says:

    What an accomplishment – u should be sooo proud of what u have done together – we are so jealous – can’t wait to see all your pics – and hear all those wonderful stories. After today – homeward bound – hope the weather holds….

  3. moiz Says:

    the northern lights up there must have been amazing, hope you get to see them a few more times and maybe snag some photos from some of the other teams, if any of them brought an SLR.. truly check off one of your wants from this!

  4. MikeP Says:

    Rock on guys! I just caught up now on your travels. This is truely a great trip. I feel like I’m there! Be careful. Maybe we’ll see you on Ice Road Truckers 🙂

  5. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Anxious to hear of your safe return to Whitehorse tonight and hope you both had a fabulous trip to Tuk & back. Hope u are getting some much needed sleep for the trip home.

  6. Rafael Says:

    Hey guys — just wanted to say that I’m totally jealous of this kick-ass adventure. The thing with the gas line sounded scary (it scared me and I’m sitting here all cozy in San Francisco). Glad the teams are taking good care of each other. The photo from the arctic circle is a keeper [Stevan, how come no pic sporting the guns?].

    Still following along… =-)

  7. Daniel Says:

    Wow. That sounds like an amazing experience!!!! So, was Al Gore right?? or was he full of it??

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