Alcan – Day 8 / Day 9

Alright, we are back in civilization and can’t believe our Alcan adventure ends tomorrow. We’re currently in Dawson Creek, BC, but it really feels more like an Alberta farming town (and in fact is less than 10miles from the AB border, and is on Mountain time). Tomorrow we complete the last leg of our rally down the Bighorn highway from Grande Prairie, to Hinton, and then onto Jasper for the big finish.

You can tell you’ve been spending too much time with other teams when the pranks start to become more important than the competition of the rally. We bought some stickers for our and Sirius Rally Team #17’s car which read “DODGE THIS!” and “RAM THIS!” in response to Car #18’s “Subaru Recovery Vehicle” sticker. We also replaced “Reovery” with “Wanna-be”. Of course when we woke up in the morning we were expecting something, and we saw some can’s tied on a string to the Sirius Team #17’s car. After removing them and having them inspect the rear of our car, we drove off to a loud CLANKLE CLANLKE sound. When we pulled into the gas station some locals asked if we were just married and pointed to the cans tied to the FRONT of our vehicle.

We left Whitehorse yesterday after a repeat of Day 4’s TSD’s and Ice Racing. Did alright on the TSD and really took it easy on the ice racing after putting the car into a snowbank during the parade lap – it was -crazy- slick this time since there hadn’t been any snow since we were there 5 days ago.

After the TSD and Ice Racing we stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and Timbits and made the 450mi trek to Liard Hot-springs in BC. It was a nice treat to arrive to some natural hot-springs, and we were obviously the only group of folks there. Our team, Bill and Doug from Team #18, and most of the Team Mitsubishi teams enjoyed some relaxing time in the hot springs before turning in early. We can tell the endurance portion of the event is taking it toll on us as we are electing to sleep rather than party at this point. We also stopped off at this sign forest which was a little weird but actually pretty cool; we found signs from California, Oregon and all over the world.


This morning, we got up and proceeded through Fort Nelson, Fort St. John, and eventually to Dawson Creek which was another 450mi day. We had 2 TSD events, one which we nailed (5 points), and another we screwed up on due to a wrong turn at a 4 way stop, which really screws up your odometer, although we were able to get things together by the end of the TSD. We also had a look at the TSD computer in Team #20’s car, which would definitely be a serious advantage if we were to do more of these.

We had some great wildlife viewings today and yesterday and it was obvious we were back in the Rocky Mountains.



Wolves (very cool):


Beautiful Rocky Mountains:


That’s all for now, as we’ve lost an hour due to the time change and need to get up early to finish the rally tomorrow.

– Stevan & Kristin

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4 Comments on “Alcan – Day 8 / Day 9”

  1. Tina Says:

    Ah I did the Big Horn rally and enjoyed it. The drive to and from was amazing, so I hope you enjoy it. Missed you at Doo Wops and it was strange to see the car with a different number!

  2. Joe Walling Says:

    Stevan & Kristin–What a remarkable trip! It was awesome to read about your adventure and see all the amazing pics! I’ve been glued to the computer, ignoring my email and phone all morning…I am excited to know that there is some video footage yet to be seen. We should talk about that, once you’re back home and thawed out. Congratulations you two–way to rally!

  3. helen brandon Says:

    Congratualtions Stevan and Kristin; I just talked with your mom and she told me you made it safe and sound to Jasper. What an amazing trip you’ve had!! Thanks so much for your blog; it was a great adventure for me each day, after getting home from my ‘same old/same old’ job. Have a great time celebrating with your comrades and also your family at RMH and Taber as you make your way home. Thanks again, Helen

  4. Karen Says:

    WOW! What an amazing adventure! How are you guys ever going to top this? Portland will seem like the balmy tropics in comparison to the Arctic Circle. This is the type of story you should chronicle Kristin. Safe home and congrats!
    Love to you both,

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