Alcan – Day 3


Day 3 in the bag, more successes for Team Arychuk and more firsts for Kristin.

This was a very strenuous day, with over 800 miles (!!!) of driving on some pretty nasty ice-covered roads from New Hazelton all the way up to Whitehorse in the Yukon Territories. This is the furthest north I have ever been, and obviously the same for Kristin.

Due to the extremely long day, we were on the road by 6:30am, again after doing TSD math until after midnight. We were awoken by the diesel truck from our buddy team #17 Bill and Doug being warmed up, and jumped out of bed thinking we slept in and ran out into the -10 weather pretty much in our PJ’s with all our gear. We actually were ok, and wanted to get an early start so we could detour out to Bear Glacier on the way to Hyder Alaska, adding another 60miles to our already planned 750miles for the day.

We headed north on Hwy 37, and when we got to the turn-off for Hyder, we took a 16-mile detour down the road with Bill and Doug and the Sirius Rally team to see Bear Glacier, which was totally worth it:


We didn’t have too much time to sight-see, and it was the coldest we’ve felt yet, but we’d like to come back sometime and see Hyder, Alaska.

We pressed on another 300 miles to Dease Lake, where our first and only TSD of the day was to take place. It was an absolutely incredible day, quite mild and clear as could be. Here’s a picture of the road and the general area we were in:


Now of course the day couldn’t be without drama, which reared it’s ugly head in the form of the only gas station within 400 miles of New Hazelton and Dease Lake was frozen and didn’t work. This is exactly the reason why we are carrying spare fuel, which we ended up using and made it without further incident.


We made it to Dease Lake and had a quick lunch, and completed our TSD in what we believe is very good time, although scores aren’t posted yet. Immediately afterwards we saw a couple cars pulled over to the side, and upon stopping to ‘help’ we were barraged with snowballs from an army of about 5 other teams. Since Stevan grew up in Canada he has some serious snow-ball fighting experience, so the strategy was changed to focus all of the energy on the rally officials, sweep and scoring as they drove by. In retrospect this may not have been the smartest move, and I won’t at all be surprised if all the teams involved ended up getting the max penalty for that TSD 🙂 They started warning the rest of the organizers about a ‘gang of hoodlums throwing snowballs’, but it doesn’t really matter when you have 15 people throwing an army of 50 pre-made snowballs at a moving car. Didn’t get pictures of this, but Kristin got some wicked HD video.

We then continued another 200 miles north, exiting BC into the Yukon territories. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, but after 750 miles, and almost running out of gas (again), Stevan was completely burnt and had Kristin take us into the final 100mile leg in Whitehorse. Considering Kristin has only -seen- snow a handful of times, driving the rally car on the ice-covered Alaskan highway for the first time was pretty impressive and she did great.

Here’s a picture coming into the Yukon:


We’re writing this from Whitehorse, where it’s a pleasant -2C after 3+ weeks of -40C. We’re doing a small off-road ice-race tomorrow, which is actually a 2mile rally stage usually used by snowmobiles. This is as close to performance rally as you can get, with only 1 person in the car and helmets required. It should be a TON of fun. After that we head up to Dawson to get ready for the big push on the infamous Dempster highway and the ice road to Tuktoyuktuk.

Thanks SO MUCH for all the comments! It’s what keeps us going and is the first thing we read when we check into the hotel.

– Stevan & Kristin

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7 Comments on “Alcan – Day 3”

  1. Eric Says:

    You got some great pictures. Great road shots.

  2. MikeP Says:

    800 miles! I am impressed! Good job Stevan and Kristin 🙂 Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning.


  3. Mike S Says:

    I concur way to log those miles.

    I was up for reasons I dare not post here at 5:30AM and was checking for updates…


  4. Carrie-DJM Lady Says:

    You guys rock! Keep up the good work, we miss you and I bet you miss the 66 degrees in “sunny” Oregon.

  5. Barb/Gerry(Mom/Dad) Says:

    What a marathon day!!!!But u did it, GUTS & DETERMINATION Kristin – good on you….who would have thought a San Fransico gal would drive a standard Rally car on ice covered roads in the Yukon – way to go gal – we are sooooo proud of you. The TSD for day was awesome – I knew u 2 would meet the challenge and get it figured out – terrific time guys – all up hill from here. The pics are great, – moving on – weather forecast still looks good – have u seen any Northern lights yet?
    Drive on with care – Kristin – u should be granted an Honarary Canadian citizenship for showing such enthusiasm – Go for it u two – Rally on………

  6. Tina Says:

    Sounds like things are going well. Thank goodness for spare gas because running out of gas is never an option.
    Miss you,

  7. helen brandon Says:

    Great day guys, congrats on getting the TSDs figured out and to you Kristin for the super job of ice driving!! You go girl!!
    The eclipse was amazing here in Victoria; totally clear skies and beautiful full moon.
    Jen and I were in Hyder on our Alaska adventure a few years ago. Did you get “Hyderized”??
    Keep up the good work; looking forward to your continuing up-dates tomorrow. Take car, rubber down, Helen

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