Interm Update – Day 8 & Day 9

Hello all,

Just a quick update since we stayed in Liard Hot Springs, BC last night and again didn’t have any internet as we were still in the middle of nowhere.

We’re writing this from a poached wifi connection in Fort Nelson we found after lunch and driving around a residential neighborhood 🙂

Yesterday we left Whitehorse after another TSD and some ice racing, which was more or less a repeat of Day 4.  We then made it to Liard Hotsprings and enjoyed a nice evening in the natural and -very- warm springs.  It was so cold outside our feet stuck to the ice surrounding the springs as soon as we got out.

We’re about to do another TSD, then possibly some Ice Slalom Racing, and make our way to Dawson Creek tonight for another TSD rally.  Tomorrow is the home stretch as we have an easy ~350mi day into Jasper, where the rally concludes.

It’s nice to be back in the rockies and we’ve seen a TON of wildlife in the past 2 days – Bison, Elk, Caribou, and this morning a lone black wolf howling on the frozen river (what a treat!).  Kristin is still keeping her eyes open and is hopeful to see the elusive moose.

We’ll post more pics from the past couple days tonight from Dawson Creek now that we are back into civilization.

– Stevan & Kristin

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3 Comments on “Interm Update – Day 8 & Day 9”

  1. Barb/Gerry Says:

    Kristin/Stevan – good to hear from u and know that u are ever closer to the end. Way to go and hope u can post some good times for TSD’s and ice rally. Will check tonight for more updates. Safe rallying. Myles has lots of head butts for Kristin…..

  2. Sheri-Lynn Black Says:

    can’t wait to see you on Wednesday!! Dad’s oraganizing that big Alberta beef steak for you. Sounds like the trip was a blast. I’ve been following and updating the family. Dad said Ron has been keeping Grandma up to speed sure that is helping pass the days for her. Good luck in the last leg. Maybe we should get you a little more Crown Royal.

  3. Aunt Bonnie/Uncle Larry Says:

    Hello again – I think I put my comments on the previous day but not sure (my technology are skills are pretty weak). I just wanted to say I saw a moose just across the road on my to work Friday. If Kristen doesn’t get to see one before she gets this far she may get a chance here. Look forward to seeing you.

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